Good photo = Great portrait

Share your most favourite picture with us so we can create the most beautiful baby/kid portrait for you! Here's our easy-to-follow photo do's and dont's for a perfect picture.

Get up close!

Ideally, the best picture is where your baby/kid occupies most of the space in the picture. Get up close, let us see those beautiful features so we can capture em' (all portraits will be till shoulder length)

Good Lighting

Good light is to pictures what water is to thirst! Ensure your picture is well lit and not dark or hazy. Outdoor picture in natural light are great too.

Clothes and objects

We intend to stay as true to the picture you share with us. We capture the clothes, expression and objects (like a bow-tie, hairbands, ribbons etc) from your picture. So do share your most favourite picture(s), so we can capture it just as it is.

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